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Special like Apulia

We use carefully selected raw materials, starting with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. From here we give life to our specialties of flavored fresh pasta, characterized by high quality because we believe that every palate is unique.

Each of our formats is bronze drawn to obtain a product with on point porosity, capable of “capturing” the condiments.

With the unique experience that distinguishes us and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we combine the Apulian “know-how” of the culinary tradition.

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Fresh Pasta

A line dedicated to fresh and traditional pasta shapes

Dry Pasta

A line dedicated to
dry pasta shapes

Bakery Line

A line dedicated to the highest quality baked goods

The strength of authenticity

Tradition that becomes taste

Nestled in the sunny landscapes of Apulia, in that suggestive territory between the Murgia and the Ionian Sea, stands the Pastificio Centoni: a company with a unique experience that hands down the basic concepts for the production of its pasta, your pasta, unchanged: the strength of authenticity.

Through a millenary tradition and with the strong lever of innovation, Pastificio Centoni produces fresh and dry pasta every day, fruit of the love for craftsmanship and the drive for innovation and avant-garde. The result is a unique product that takes on the past and looks forward to tomorrow.

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Orecchiette centoni orecchiette formato Orecchiette
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Linguine Porcini Mushrooms Flavored Linguine ai funghi porcini formato centoni Linguine Porcini Mushrooms Flavored
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Whole Wheat Orecchiette centoni orecchiette integrali Whole Wheat Orecchiette
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Maccheroni contadini Maccheroni Contadini - Pasta Fresca - I Classici Maccheroni contadini
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Bronze-drawn spaghettoni Spaghettone formato centoni Bronze-drawn spaghettoni
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Spaghetti Chili Pepper Flavored peperoncino spaghetti formato centoni2 Spaghetti Chili Pepper Flavored
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Linguine Orange Flavored Linguine arancia formato centoni Linguine Orange Flavored
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Linguine Linguine formato centoni Linguine
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Orecchiette flavored with spinach centoni orecchiette con spinaci formato Orecchiette flavored with spinach
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Orecchiette Tricolore Orecchiette tricolore formato centoni Orecchiette Tricolore
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Foglie d’ulivo centoni foglie di ulivo formato Foglie d'ulivo
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Linguine Garlic and Basil Flavored Linguine aglio basilico formato centoni Linguine Garlic and Basil Flavored
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Experience and professionalism, the result of many years of work in the sector. This is how Pastificio Centoni hands down the Apulian 'know-how' of pasta, above all thanks to a clear vision: to meticulously selection of the best durum wheat semolina, and create, through the use of cutting-edge technologies, the traditional recipe of 'family pasta'.