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Identity and taste

Apulian culinary tradition and excellent quality raw materials, this is the mix that gives life to Pastificio Centoni‘s products, thanks in part to its vast experience in the field. A specific vision that allows the company to identify itself perfectly in its products that stand out for their originality and quality. It is no coincidence that the basic philosophy is the strength of genuineness, consolidated by constant, careful and meticulous research of the best raw materials: for the products of the pasta factory, in fact, only the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina is chosen, with with an extraction value that does not go beyond 30%, from the use of cutting-edge technologies and the traditional recipe of the “family pasta”, a unique and inimitable ingredient, thus guaranteeing constant high quality standards.

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Pastificio Centoni was born in Puglia, a region known all over the world for the production of fresh artisan pasta, such as the famous “orecchiette”. It produces flavored fresh pasta, traditional fresh pasta and dry pasta every day. The slow drying at low temperature and the bronze drawing guarantee that typical roughness that allows the sauce to be retained.

Fresh flavored pasta was born from the idea of ​​”experimenting with tradition”. We have combined special flavors, such as squid ink, or special flours such as burnt wheat, to the more classic shapes.

Fresh pasta is a tradition that is part of us. Centoni fresh pasta has the taste of home and conviviality. It is made respecting the necessary processing times that lead to a correct consistency and a pleasant roughness for a perfect cooking.

Dry pasta is the synthesis of durum wheat water capable of giving moments of happiness. The diversity of the formats produced, long and short, lends itself to multiple recipes. Elastic and compact, it has an excellent cooking resistance.

Fresh Pasta

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A line dedicated to dry pasta shapes

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A line dedicated to the highest quality baked goods

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